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CameraSA CAR CAMERAS – YOUR PARTNER IN ROAD SAFETY SA Car Cameras is a division of Brand Code Distribution (Pty) Ltd. We source only the highest quality and most reputable brands from international markets for South Africa. All our products go through stringent quality control and testing as we know how important quality and value is to the South African consumer.We aim to be the largest distributor and reseller of car cameras in Southern Africa…


SA Car Cameras have selected the highest quality range of car cameras for the South African market. Many of the features are shared on all of the cameras but watch out for the unique features that differentiate them and allow you to choose the right camera for your needs. If you need help, SA Car Camera’s will assess your needs and choose the camera best suited to you. An overview of our product range is listed here with links to the full technical specs.






TX500 Dual Lens


Vacron VVG-CBN11

Vacron CDR-E07

Vacron CDR-EO7 Dual Lens




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DOD LS460 - Dash Camera

DOD LS300W - Dash Camera

Amazing Benefits

Keep your family Safe

Keep your family Safe

A car camera is an essential safety feature for parents who drive with small children and who have young adults driving vehicles. Choose the features that are the most important to you such as having a dual lens view which monitors the interior and exterior of the vehicle, a GPS monitoring system, speed warning alerts or simply just having peace of mind knowing that you will have clear video and audio evidence to prove your case whether it be a corruption or accident related incident.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

SA Car Cameras aim to be the leading supplier of car cameras to the corporate transport industry.

Our cameras are ideally installed in trucks, buses, company delivery vehicles and company vehicles as the benefits to fleet managers are convincing. Our cameras do not replace the sophisticated tracking systems that are available on the market but are rather an extra safety and security measure for your drivers.

In Car Camera Benefits

Amazing Benefits

The benefits and uses of a car camera range from assisting fleet managers by tracking speed and driving habits, driving routes or identifying misuse of company vehicles. How about recording your next road trip and capturing the family vibe, the scenery and the whole experience recorded for memories of your adventures.