What is a “Car Camera”?

Car cameras are known as car black boxes, Car DVR systems and dashcams worldwide. These devices are mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle and have typically been used by police departments across the world. As the global demand for vehicle cameras has grown, so has the availability of on-board cameras. The rate of ownership of car cameras is especially high in Russia due to corruption and insurance fraud which is prevalent in the vast region and it is compulsory for all motorists to own a car camera. Today, motorists are becoming aware of the benefits of installing a car camera and the demand for an affordable and high quality digital protection unit is high.


Who buys car cameras?

Car cameras are purchased by different categories of motorists including; employees who drive for long hours, couriers, truckers, taxi drivers and individuals in the law enforcement, security and defense industries. The devices are also hugely popular with motorists who want to protect their vehicle, provide proof to insurance companies if involved in an accident or simply to record their driving experiences which can then be uploaded to social networks and shared with family and friends.


What are the benefits?

Installing a camera in your vehicle is especially important for protecting against insurance fraud or scams. Owners of car cameras, commonly report that they receive peace of mind in knowing that they have a full time witness which records all events on the road. This is particularly important if the driver is the unfortunate victim of an accident or incident while driving. A large proportion of customers are fleet managers of trucks, couriers, coaches, taxis and chauffeurs. This customer group likes to know that should employees report an incident, they have audio and visual evidence for the purpose of analysis. Generally, owners of car cameras are drivers who love driving and are happy in the knowledge that they can record everything as they embark on any journey, day or night.


Do you provide support?

You can email us and we will help you with your questions and queries. All our car cameras come with instruction manuals and are easy to install. If you do however, do not understand something in the manual, just send us an email and include your phone number so we can call you back.


How do I know I’ve bought the “real thing”?

Due to the explosive demand for car cameras throughout the world, a number of small manufacturers have started to produce replicas of the leading brands such as DOD. These products are not guaranteed and the warranty will not be valid should your purchase a DOD Camera through a source which is not a DOD approved dealer.