Vacron CDR-EO7 Dual Lens

R 3,499.00

  • Suitable for all personal vehicle, taxi, bus, truck……
  • Small size, easy installation and dismount, it does not affect the driver’s line of sight.
  • Insert the card and power on to start recording without additional operating.
  • Simultaneously recording interior and exterior condition.
  • Having full time, date recording and display on the screen directly.
  • Recording driving condition, sound, G-Sensor and GPS data.
  • Front view angle approx. 120 degrees. Back view angle approx. 170 degrees.
  • Recording track of driving routes which can be shown on Google Map when we play the video.
  • Micor SD card Class 10 or above recommend.
  • G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to road situations.
  • When detect a strong shock, system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.
  • Professional file formats, without built-in lithium battery, no needs to afraid of heat and bursting concerns, it is the real black box.