Can I install the camera myself?

Yes, the camera is mounted on your windscreen and plugs into your cigarette lighter. Please follow the instruction manual.


What happens when the recording gets to the end of the memory card?

The camera never stops recording footage. The camera records in loop intervals of up to 5 minutes for easy retrieval of video footage. Once recording gets to the end of the memory card, it will simply start from the beginning again.

The SOS file locking button ensures that specific files are locked when required and cannot be recorded over. The G-sensor also locks files down in the event of an accident should you not be able to press the SOS file locking button.


How long can I record for on the memory card?

Up to 10 hours on a 32GB Card and up to 5 hours on a 16GB card at a 720p resolution.


How do I view the footage that I have recorded?

The footage is recorded to the Micro SD Memory card. You can either remove the card and plug into your PC or simply remove the camera from the vehicle and insert the supplied USB Cable and plug into your PC.


What software do I use to view my footage?

Every camera is supplied with DOD Media Player Software which is installed on the camera.

The LS430W has a separate CD for installation.


Is the Software compatible with MAC?

The LS430W is Mac and Windows compatible.

All other models at this time are Windows compatible only. However, the footage can still be viewed in Mac but not with the supplied DOD Software.


Why are some of my files corrupt?

Please ensure that you format existing memory cards before inserting into the camera.

We also recommend that you reformat your memory card every few months.


Will extreme heat damage my camera?

We do not recommend that you park your car for hours in extreme heat. Like any other electronic device, we recommend you remove the device from the vehicle.


Is there a warrantee on the product?

Yes, there is a manufacturers warrantee of one year.

If we find that your camera is faulty due to user damage,  we will provide a quotation on repair but will not replace the unit should it be found to be damaged by the user.