Inspired and abbreviated from VISION ON ADVANCED CAMERA RECORDING SOLUTION, VACRON is to promise and provide a new vision, advanced technology and security system to satisfy different security demands.  From cameras to DVRs, IP surveillance products to vehicle recorders, VACRON’s complete product lines guarantee a total surveillance security to our customers.

The guarantee is established upon VACRON’s various core technology advantages. Over 20 years, we have accommodated abundant experiences and skills in image processing and storage technologies.  “Think globally, act locally”, we know security demands are different in various areas.  As a result, we continue to develop global markets and hear customers’ voices from different regions to design our products with diligence and agility.  Also, we know the core value for security is “trust” so we not only invest on developing new technologies for our products but also insist on providing stable and reliable quality products for our customers.

VACRON, with trustworthy and reliable CCTV products, we provide solutions for total security products.  We are a company with innovative vision, integrated advanced technologies and a reliable, friendly security service provider with global prospective.


Vacron VVG-CBN11

Vacron Ultra Light Dash Cam

Vacron CDR-EO7

Vacron CDR-E07 Dual Lens